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Club Shows with Irondog

Working in Association with Irondog Bulldog Club has held regional shows across Australia and has being doing so for almost 30 years.

The Irondog Pentathlon was designed specifically as a Breed Test for The American Bulldog.  

The five events have shown over time to greatly improve the American Bulldog Breed.

The National Bulldogger Yearbook 2022

The Club has been running under various auspices for 30 years.  We have many significant historical articles and photos and well as Breeder information and Competition records for 2021 that will be included in the yearbook.

The Bulldog depicted here is GRK Black Jack perhaps the finest Johnson Bulldog produced by Grand Ridge Kennels.

Free Puppy Advertising

The Club offers completely free advertising for Club members and Irondog registered Bulldog puppies exclusively.


Are you looking for a Stud for your next litter?  The Club keeps records of all the available quality Studs in  Australia listed by State.

The Bulldog shown is Hailstone's Dark Knight owned by Alan and Jane Baker.


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The American Bulldog Club holds shows in association with Irondog testing the Bulldogs 5 most important attributes.

1) Intelligence and Tractability demonstrated in the "Obedience Event".

2) Stamina in "The Long Run" .

3) Structure, Movement and Temperament  "Exhibition" .

4) Speed for the catch via "The Sprint".

and last but not least

5) Loyalty and Bravery "The Courage Test".

The Courage Test is replaceable for Sporting Bulldog Champions (SPch) and Family  Champions (Fch) by "Weight Pull" and  "Sociability Performance and Tricks" respectively.  And last but not least we also have the category of Peoples Champion (Pch) for entry level competitions in regional areas.  Which signifies the best Bulldog on the day.

     It should be noted that a Bulldog does not have to bite in to pass The Courage Test for a Junior Champion.  It only has to move forward to protect the owner and defend him/her.




Testing the Bulldogs Temperament, Movement and Structure.



Evaluating The Bulldogs Intelligence and Tractability.


The Long Run

Testing The Bulldogs Legendary Stamina



Above is Sch Antoidemaler's Jas (2001 Victoria).  He was the very first Show Champion to compete in all the 5 events of the modern Irondog format  Next to the right is Fch GRK Tank.  He was Family Champion (Queensland 2009.  Next to the right is XCH GRK The Rock who was the winner of many shows in Victoria around 2005 and earned the title Extreme Champion.  Below him is Black Knights Hammer who was PCH (2012 New South Wales).  Finally directly below is GCH GRK\FBK Rose of Alabama who competed at several shows and trials and won.  One of the All time great Bulldogs in Australia.

At the very top are the finalists in the Exhibition Event from 2009 with Nevabeta Kennels running a close second to Grand Ridge Kennels Tank.

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