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1. WHO ARE WE?  

The American Bulldog Club is looking forward to the imminent celebration of 30 years in Australia.  It all began around 1992 with Tony Tascone, George Andrews and Joe Cauchi who started importing the American Bulldog and establishing kennels and a Club\Registry.

Now known as The True American Bulldog Original Club of Australia (Not for profit organization) working in association with Irondog.  The Club has variously been known as The NABR, The ABRA (Australian version), The ABCA and Irondog.


"To Breed Better Bulldogs through Communication, Community and Competition"


When a Bulldog gets into trouble it is the owners who should take responsibility.  We do not accept that particular dog breeds should be banned or restricted.  But rather that the owners and breeders take responsibility for their Bulldogs care, behavior and protection.  

Registered Breeders are also responsible for what they turn out and the homes the Bulldogs obtain.  All registered Breeders are required to make a commitment in writing - voicing their vision of "Breeding Better Bulldogs".

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