Eddie Jr Proven stud, Dna health tested, past litters can be shown. 48kg, throws big heads, good solid Johnson structure. Out going, protective, high drive and intelligent. Quick and feisty nature Fresh/frozen ready to go. Contact Sam Key 0497666391 South Australia Key's Kennel

Keys's Farm working American bulldog, endurance and hunting. Sprint speed up to 42km/h. 46kg, 29” inch Athletic and clean breather. Fresh/Frozen or live services available. Parents hip & elbow scored and DNA clear from parents. Contact Sam Key 0497666391 South Australia Key's Kennel

Stone House American Bulldogs (SHAB) Buck 18 months old and 42kg.  Very strong and athletic with a stable temperament.  Very willing to please and protective nature. Buck was bred by Grand Georgia Giants (Dez Bulldog-man Auld) Son of EAB's Black Jack (@Grand Georgia Giants) and Red Rose of Alabama.  He is our foundation stud.  Contact Garry 0447740144.                                                                                         

"I remember this boy clearly, his jaw grip was like an crocodile and nothing has changed.  His temperament was is the middle, not a bully but he would hold his own.

  He is the litter brother of Jimmy's The Rock.  What a magnificent specimen.  Very Johnson and supremely athletic and strong.  He is part of my Modern Johnson Project  Congratulations to Gary who has had Bulldogs for  well over a decade  - what a fine Job you have done here with him.

  He is a credit to The House of Stone - Buck looks like he's been carved from it!"    Dez Bulldog-Man Auld.

Nitro Ruger, owned by Mark Phillips and David McGregor.  True American Bulldog, "Performance Johnson".  Winner of the Exhibition event at the South Australia 2023 National Show - Best of Breed.  This perfectly balanced American Bulldog is available to approved females.  0412524270 David.  If your looking for some old school vigor - this is the man.  Photos really don't do him justice here.  He is a ripper.  And don't let anyone tell you the old school blood no longer exists.  David has preserved it in sleepy hollow of South Australia.

Badlands Sch Jack Knife Johnny.  Irondog National Champion 2023.  Bringing back that special touch of Margentina blood lines of American Bulldog.  50kg very athletic Bulldog.  Please contact Beth and Andy on 0467405655.  This first quality Bulldog is available for stud to approved females.  He is the winner of the National Show 2023!

Tobias.  Please contact Amelia Viney 0422297987 in Tasmania.  This Giant True Johnson American Bulldog hits the scales at 61KG.  He is the current Irondog Junior Champion in Tasmania.  He competed in the Five Events and excelled in them all.  He is health tested and clear of genetic flaws.  If your looking for a Big Johnson male you can't go past this boy.  And he has the winning temperament to go with his athletic body.  Frozen semen  available to approved females.  Most of these photos are from the Tassy Show when Tobias was a mere lad.  Well he has grown into his mans body - and more to come.  Excalibur American Bulldogs.  Big and strong but still athletic!


"What an impressive male Tobias is!  A Giant Bulldog who is still athletic, a formidable family protector who is as gentle as a lamb - a real gentlemen he is.  I have witnessed him in all three modes, Lover, Sportsman, Guardian.  If its gotta be big - its got to be Tobias"   Dez Bulldog-Man Auld 

"To The Limits, High Roller"

TTL High Roller. Proven stud dog Health tested / hip and elbow scored Johnson/Classic American bulldog. Past litter of puppies photos can be viewed Contact by email  Dual Registered Irondog and ABRA Located in Victoria.

"Black Jack  @ Grand Georgia Giants"

A foundation dog of (GGG) Grand Georgia Giants formerly the famous "Grand Ridge Kennels" American Bulldog Kennel.  This large Bulldog is Athletic, intelligent and Courageous.  Contact Dez Auld, Victoria 0449889548.  His registered name is East Coast Kennels Black Jack II.  Son of Hailstones Dark Knight (also featured on the stud list) but a shorter stockier type, massive head and jaws, athletic, courageous.  Great movement and balance.    Contact Dez Auld, Victoria 0449889548.

"Nitro Bullodgs Oronto"

Nitro's Oronto@ AB Session Kennel in South Australia.  Please contact Caron,  This magnificent specimen bred by Nitro Kennels is now with Caron in South Australia.  No photos can do this Bulldog justice.  Incredible naturally physique.  He literally glides across the way.  Seeing is believing. 

"Nitro Bullodgs   ODIN"

Nitro Odin, pure white TrueAmerican Bulldog Performance Johnson.  Contact David Mc Gregor in South Australia 0412 524 270. 

"Hailstones Dark Knight"

Hailstones Dark Knight - Pure Johnson, Black and White.  Contact Alan Baker 0426 242 054.  Located in Central Coast New South Wales.

Hailstones Dark Knight




@Sovereign American Bulldogs

In Central Queensland. Contact Tracey Choice 0478 488 640.  Johnson, True American Bulldog.  Big, athletic, protective family Bulldog.


CYRUS,True American bulldog, Pure Johnson Very agile, brindle and white Brought up in a family environment, very good temperament and nature. Located Victoria Charlene 0402222298

Zeus : 60 kg massive boy freak genetics huge bones, Good size muzzle can handle 40+celsius days no problem. VIC.0400492564 Luke.

  Big Daddy's Bulldogs Chaos.

Located in South Australia.  Pure Johnson True American Bulldog from Eddie Murphy.  Big Classic American Bulldog. Call Kevin on 0457434716.

Nitro Nexus. Has a classic italian like V build and is a proven sire of some great Bulldogs like Oronto.  Contact David McGregor 0412524270.


   DJW's  B-Double

Darryle . J . Wain Kennels B-Double. True American Bulldog. TYPE= Performance Johnson. Black & White.  Contact Adam 0428200468. Victoria.


Grand Georgia Giants Black Jack.  Please call Dez on 0449889548.  True American Bulldog.  Pure Johnson. Located in Victoria. (Available for AI)

Allamo's Tomahawk . NCL and itch clear carries blue,grey and silver.   Call Allan on 0426 242 054 located in Central NSW




Peter Browne's Nugs .  TRUE AMERICAN BULLDOG JOHNSON.  Very athletic Bulldog located in NSW.  Call Peter 0403423156

A 40 kg honest bulldog perfect performance great legs and agility cannot fault this dog. 0400492564 Luke.  Victoria.

Hailstone's Midnight Storm (Mack).  Call Alan on 0426 242 054.  Located in Central NSW.



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